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3D Printer Cart

A cart designed specifically for the Raise3D Pro 2

For some time I’ve had this (pretty nice) Raise3D Pro2 printer, but it was sitting on this odd small table I picked up at Office Depot, originally to serve as a place to put the CNC router controller.

Unfortunately, a 3D printer has a lot of extra stuff, amd I needed a place to store it all that wasn’t just on the floor under it. So I came up with this design

It has a drawer on top for the various tools and accessories that came with the printer, a bay at the bottom for storing a filament dryer I got, a shelf for spools of filament, and a bay to hold the printer’s top, which gets removed when printing certain filaments, like PLA (because otherwise it gets too warm inside).

It also has a spot in the back for a UPS, which I decided might be helpful, as I lost power during a print for five minutes. The printer is good about resuming where it was interrupted, bit I figured short power outages could be handled by the UPS I had on-hand.